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Happy Birthday Claus
von [ED]Knochen
( 12.09.2019 - 14:08 )

Happy Birthday Kalle
von [ED]Knochen
( 11.04.2019 - 18:58 )

Happy Birthday Maren
von [ED]Knochen
( 11.04.2019 - 18:56 )

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New Endstation Homepage geschrieben von [ED]Knochen am 22.11.2009 - 16:24  
Long it lasted, but now the new endstation site is finally finished!

With this is again a separate new forum, as well as the familiar themes.

The Forum is replaced in the coming days, more new topics.

If anybody is interested at the endstation can register immediately.

In the future, be determined once the news more often translated into another language.

We have left you in all areas open to the possibility of a commentary, we will assume that these are not fully spawm !

Since the site is now indeed ready, we finally have the time for various maintenance work on the server.

Next be prepared by 1. Advent of the installed again played like chrismasmaps and sounds on the Counter Strike server.

The chrismas Maps / sounds you have already found in our new download section, and finally, this area includes a list of current sound.

Your endstation delirium team smile

and sry for my bad english


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